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Fresh Youth Theatre

Established in 2001, Fresh Youth Theatre is a dynamic and vibrant community dedicated to empowering young individuals through the performing arts. Founded with a mission to cultivate creativity, confidence, and collaboration, Fresh Youth Theatre provides a platform for young people to explore their artistic talents in a supportive and inclusive environment. Through a range of theatre productions, workshops, and educational programs, Fresh Youth Theatre develops personal growth, fosters a sense of community, and nurtures a love for the performing arts among its participants. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Fresh Youth Theatre continually inspires and uplifts young performers, encouraging them to express themselves authentically and to shine both on and off the stage.

2 seasons per year

2 hours per week

Not for profit

Less than $5 per session

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Empowering young people through the transformative power of the performing arts.


FRESH engages the young people involved in two seasons a year. Each play is an original script which addresses a particular theme identified as an issue facing young people in society today. The young people are given the opportunity to engage in the vital questions and messages interactively through the characters they perform and the scenarios the performance engages them in.


All Fresh Youth Programs:

  • Include all young people, regardless of ability or background.

  • Involve young people in voluntary and purposeful activity

  • Provide opportunities for young people to develop informal and supportive relationships with adults and peers.

  • Project a welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere.

  • Provide challenge and opportunities to take risks – bringing young people to an awareness of capabilities they did not know they had

  • Are committed to producing high quality theatre and arts experiences.


Participating in a program with FRESH Youth Theatre helps young people to:

  • To feel safe, to have a safe space to explore issues.

  • Take new and more adult roles in community

  • Develop self awareness and confidence needed for adult life.

  • Develop awareness of moral, social, cultural and spiritual issues through discussions with peers and informed adults.

  • Become aware of and assess own personal qualities, skills, achievements and potential and set personal goals Have a sense of their own identity and present themselves confidently in a range of situations.


Fresh Youth Theatre welcomes all young people between the ages of 11 and 18.


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Ringwood Theatre


30/32 Station St,

Ringwood VIC 3134


Cathy Folliot

Time and Cost


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

$5.00 per session

$90 per 15 week season

Whittlesea Theatre


Plenty Ranges Art & Convention Centre. 

35 Ferres Boulevard,

South Morang.


Time and Cost

Whittlesea Arts


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


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