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The Complication of Simplicity

Written and Directed by Shaz Mullens

June 28 to 30th. 2024

The humorous but worthy tale of a distant city struggling with the ever widening gap between the haves and have-­‐nots. Hysteria erupts over the death of the beloved wife of the Mayor and blame is scattered over the city, falling squarely on the shoulders of the poor and marginalised. The quiet prophetic whispers so often unheard and overlooked in times of peace, begin to grow in strength when set against the emerging injustice. Into this conflict walks a visitor to the city, an unknowing catalyst, bringing with him the wind of change. Minstrels, circus performers, soldiers, bag lady’s and business men, all are caught up in the complicated conflict between casual intolerance and living simply

This project is in partnership with

Ringwood Uniting Church.

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Romeo and Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Shaz Mullens

Directed by Leah Nicholls

December 1st to 3rd. 2023


An adapted performance of the classic story of Romeo and Juliet set in modern-day Verona High. Family conflict, youth rebellion and parental expectation permeate this timeless tale. The story of Romeo and Juliet has survived as one of the most loved because it allows us to see the world through the young lover’s hearts and minds. This performance stays true to the Shakespearian text and delivers world that is relatable and real. It embraces the genuine role of the Romeo and Juliet story, not as a morality play that judges youthful choices but simply portrays authentic characters, living real lives and allows their humanity to unravel.

This project is in partnership with

Ringwood Uniting Church.

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The Hidden Orchard

Written and Directed by

Shaz Mullens Taylor

October 13th to 29th. 2023


Share a glimpse into the fascinating orchard history in Maroondah with a new theatre production and video installation in ArtSpace at Realm. Dating from the 1860s, fruit and hops were grown throughout the area and wisps of this history still exist in the local community with well-known streets and parklands named after orcharding families. Hidden Orchard is a depiction of real stories of local human experience, woven together with cinematic visuals.

This project is part of Maroondah City Council’s arts incubator program which focuses on the creation and presentation of new work.

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