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ArtSpace at REALM 
June 2 - 18 


Originally slated for July 2021, but postponed due to Covid Settings, The Unsaid will return in June 2022 

5 siblings return to their childhood home after the death of their father to open a mysterious briefcase he had left behind for them to open all together. The family is forced to confront their past conflict and traumas as tensions flair as their broken relationships are highlighted in font of each other’s eyes. What could the father possibly have left for them? Can they remain as a family? What is their legacy?


The Unsaid is an original work by Fresh Theatre, building upon its original season as part of the Play in a Day Project where the foundations of this script were devised and performed in only 12 hours! Shaz Mullens and Jordan Stack have meticulously refined and built upon an already captivating story, added deeper context, and highlighted relevant societal issues in a way that Fresh Theatre does best.


Fresh Theatre for Social Change acknowledges the

support of Maroondah City Council’s Arts and Cultural

Grants Scheme.

Strong Course Language
Adult Themes; Sexual Assault
Directed by
Jordan Stack

Adapted by
Shaz Mullens and Jordan Stack


Joe Billings

Marissa Economo
Jackson Heenan
Hayley Noy
Nathan Sadeghi
Dominik Shields
Jordan Stack

Stage Manager, Production Design, Lighting Design
Hayley Meredith

Sound design
Jackson Heenan

Set Construction
George Wal

Intimacy Coordinator

Georgia Bell


Original Devising Ensemble
Jackson Heenan
Eva McEntee
Shaz Mullens
Hayley Noy
Alex Rouse
Nathan Sadeghi
Jordan Stack
Emily Tambree


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